Mr. President,

Mr. Prime Minister,

We, the Greens from various parts of Poland and from various groups, voice our protest against including our country in the group of states that have assaulted Iraq.

Saddam Hussein’s rule in Iraq is a criminal regime and the Greens condemn it for violating human rights and other international laws. We are, however, convinced that the war initiated will not solve the aforementioned problems and that its main aim is to secure the individual interests of the attacking counties. We believe that the Iraqi nation may be assisted only by means of political solutions and not by war.

Poland’s participation in the war violates basic principles of international law, Polish constitution, human rights and the principle of sustainable development.

As people who are particularly concerned with the future of our planet Earth, we strongly protest against involving our country in the war, which may lead to a catastrophe of humankind and even currently, is a source of great human suffering and environmental damage.

As Poles we would like to express deep regret that our nation, which was so painfully affected by the aggression of its neighbours and by atrocities of war, is becoming today, in the eyes of the world, an invader. We remember the slogans about tanks introducing freedom and democracy too well to believe in declarations pronounced by the ideologists of the anti-Iraq coalition.

As the citizens of the Republic of Poland we express our indignation at violating our basic constitutional rights. Poland is the only country among the ones participating in the aggression on Iraq, where the Parliament was not given an opportunity to state its opinion on sending the troops to war. The decision to involve Poland in the war violates Article 26 of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, which excludes the participation of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland in aggression on other countries. The decision was made despite the fact that the majority of the society has been against it.

As Europeans we strongly disapprove of the stance adopted by Polish government, which violates the European Parliament resolution of 30 January 2003, where the representatives of European societies opposed initiating military action in Iraq if UN Security Council did not sanction that.

As human beings we express our disapproval of the unilateral decision on initiating military action in Iraq, which will result in suffering of thousands of people – women and children as well as soldiers on both sides.

The war could have been prevented. Poland did not have to be involved in it. Disregarding the law and the opinion of people that you represent, you have decided – either by initiating or by relinquishing certain actions – differently. We will certainly remember the decisions You have made.

We are convinced that there is no way leading to peace, but that peace is the only way. Therefore, we demand withdrawing Polish troops from Iraq and initiating active diplomatic steps to stop the military action.

You do NOT fight this war IN OUR NAME.