Bruxelles/Brussel, 18 June 2003,

European political parties

Cohn-Bendit: ‚Council agreement is a boost for European political culture’

The Greens in the European Parliament today welcomed the agreement reached yesterday in Luxembourg by the General Affairs Council on a statute for European political parties.

Speaking before the plenary debate on the political statute for European parties, Dany Cohn-Bendit MEP, Co-President of the Green/EFA group in the European Parliament, said today:

„As a Green MEP I welcome the Council’s agreement on European political parties. It is an important step to create a genuine European political culture. European elections will no longer be seen as trial runs for national elections with campaigns run on national issues. We also welcome the fact that the agreement gives clear and transparent rules for the funding of transnational parties.”

„If the European Parliament approves the proposal in tomorrow’s vote in Plenary, it will be truly possible to co-ordinate substantive and meaningful European election campaigns. The European Greens are very pleased that the Common affairs Council found an agreement. This will finally provide the political families with a sound legal basis on which to oversee common campaigns. For the European Greens the preparations for the 2004 elections are already well underway.”

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